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Manufacture & Wholesale & Customize High-Quality Pickleball Paddle&Balls with your Brand LOGO 

Key Products:

Product Name  Pickleball Paddle&Racket
Paddle Face  Carbon fiber /Glass fiber/3k-carbon/Electroplated/ Or Customized
Paddle Core Nomex/PP Honeycomb/Polymer core /Aramid honeycomb core
Weight  7.5-8.0 OZ Or Customized
Edge Guard  Protective Rubber Edge Guard Or Customized
Color Any Color From Pantone Color Chart Or Customized
Sample Time 1-2 Days For Our Reference Sample,7-10 Days For Customized Sample
Packing  Carry Bag/Sling Bag/Paddle Cover/Cardboard Case Etc


Product Feature:

  • USAPA APPROVED - Onlybest pickle ball paddles comply with official USAPA specifications and are approved for sanctioned tournament play. Latest original design with cool sharp eagle.
  • GRAPHITE FACE - Onlybest pickleball paddle's graphite face gives ball precise control for pinpoint accuracy and a nice pop.It's the best pickleball paddle for intermediate to advanced players. 
  • POLYMER HONEYCOMB CORE - The polymer core is recognized as the softest and quietest pickleball paddle cores, which provides pickleball racket with redefined strength, optimal performance and durability. 
  • SUPERIOR EDGE GUARD – Low profile edge guard with high durability protects the paddle hitting surface and core against court damage,yet slim enough to reduces mishits. 


Our Strengths:

Our pickleball factory can make any pickleball paddles you want, since we have strength of high tech as below:

  • Pickleballsfacatory’s“applied physics” Technology: can creat Pickleball paddles with science and performance in mind, save stress of elbow.
  • Patented thicker polymer core technology: can make pickleball paddle in the thickness of 13mm, 16mm,19mm, 21mm
  • Smart Response Technology: improve the stability and forgiveness of the core of all pickleball paddles.
  • Torsion Vibration Control Technology: produce high quality pickleball paddles to provide more consistent shots on off-center mis-hits, and Grip Vibration Dampening
  • Trademarked Rough Surface Technology: make pickleball paddles better control and spin with nice sweet spot.
  • Patented 13Edge Guards Technology: Guarantee sturdy edge and not easy fall off.


Why Choose US?

  •  Focus and  Professional
  •  Strong R&D Team
  •  First-class Production Control
  •  10 years Industry Experience
  •  150+employees/ 3000 m² workshop

Company Information

Our Pickleball paddle&ball factory is a professional enterprise engaged in research, development, design and production of carbon fiber products, including glassfiber pickleball paddles, carbon fiber pickleball paddles with PP or Aramid honeycomb core with UV color printing, etc.

The factory has many core research and development cores of carbon fiber and many senior management in carbon fiber industry management, mainly researching high-performance composite materials, Carbon fiber products and production process improvement, now mainly produces pickleball paddle, pickleballs and pickup accessories like pickleball nets, pickleball covers, pickleball grips, pickleball bags,ect.

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the principle of "integrity first, customer first, quality first", combining advanced foreign information technology, management methods and enterprise experience with the specific reality of the country, constantly improving and improving, and striving to reach international standards. 

Our Story:

1995, our president Rob was engaged in tennis racket development, as a profession tennis player, Rob put his back into researching tennis material and studying how to manufacture a world high-class Tennis Racket that can stand much more power and rebound the ball in a pleasant spot with quick response.

1996, Rob was success in developing out the complete production system to mass racket production and built a 5000 m² workshop to cater for enormous order demands.

2009, Rob discover that some Americans start to play pickleball, and our pickleball factory start to produce pickleball paddles, Years by years, more and more pickleball players like pickleball game so much. Many pro pickleball player require more functional pickleball paddles. From then on, Rob continue testing many material and develop high end pickleball paddles…

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